Elenco lavori scientifici della settimana

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Dipartimenti di eccellenza
Experimental study on a Savonius wind rotor for street lighting systems Renato Ricci, Roberto Romagnoli, Sergio Montelpare, Daniele Vitali
Manual guidance for industrial robot programming Daniele Massa, Massimo Callegari, Cristina Cristalli
An unsteady model for the simulation of the rapid depressurization of vessels containing two-phase mixtures in non-equilibrium conditions R. Ricci, V. D'Alessandro, S. Montelpare, L. Binci and A. Zoppi
Evaluation of Friction at High Strain Rate using the Split Hopkinson Bar Archimede Forcellese, Edoardo Mancini, Marco Sasso, Michela Simoncini
Soiling of building envelope surfaces and its effect on solar reflectance – Part III: Interlaboratory study of an accelerated aging method for roofing materials Mohamad Sleiman, Sharon Chen, Haley E. Gilbert, Thomas W. Kirchstetter, Paul Berdahl, Erica Bibian, Laura S. Bruckman, Dominic Cremona, Roger H. French, Devin A. Gordon, Marco Emiliani, Justin Kable, Liyan Ma, Milena Martarelli, Riccardo Paolini, Matthew
Photoelastic sphenoscopic analysis of crystals L. Montalto, D. Rinaldi, L. Scalise, N. Paone, F. Davi
High Strain Rate Behaviour of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy at Different Initial Temper States M. Sasso, A. Forcellese, M. Simoncini, D. Amodio, E. Mancini
Friction Stir Lap Joining of Blanks under Different Conditions Carlo Bruni, Alessio D'Orazio, Mohamad El Mehtedi
Train wheel diagnostics by laser ultrasonics A. Cavuto, M. Martarelli, G. Pandarese, G.M. Revel, E.P. Tomasini
Experimental and numerical analysis of the effect of the position of a bottom wall hot source on natural convection Giorgia Nardini, Massimo Paroncini, Raffaella Vitali
Mechanical design of a mini pointing device for a robotic assembly cell G. Palmieri, M. Callegari, L. Carbonari, C. Palpacelli
Polar Root Polytopes that are Zonotopes Paola Cellini, Mario Marietti
Development and application of an innovative tool to automate the process of results extraction from the thermo-hydraulic simulator Olga Francesco Carducci, Antonio Del Monaco, Giancarlo Giacchetta, Mariella Leporini, Barbara Marchetti
Explicit 3D functional dimensioning to support design intent representation and robust model alteration Ferruccio Mandorli, Harald E. Otto, Roberto Raffaeli
Multiplicity results for the scalar curvature equation Isabel Flores, Matteo Franca
Phase plane analysis for radial solutions to supercritical quasilinear elliptic equations in a ball
Comparing the performance of on/off, PID and fuzzy controllers applied to the heating system of an energy-efficient building Giulia Ulpiani, Matteo Borgognoni, Alessandra Romagnoli, Costanzo Di Perna
Surface tension of silanes: A new equation Giovanni Di Nicola, Gianluca Coccia, Mariano Pierantozzi
Multi-apartment residential microgrid with electrical and thermal storage devices: Experimental analysis and simulation of energy management strategies Gabriele Comodi, Andrea Giantomassi, Marco Severini, Stefano Squartini, Francesco Ferracuti, Alessandro Fonti, Davide Nardi Cesarini, Matteo Morodo, Fabio Polonara
Criteria for exponential dichotomy for triangular systems
Friction Stir Lap Joining of Blanks under Different Conditions Carlo Bruni, Alessio D'Orazio, Mohamad El Mehtedi
On linear systems of ℙ³ with nine base points Maria Chiara Brambilla, Olivia Dumitrescu, Elisa Postinghel
Analytical and multibody modeling for the power analysis of standing jumps
Multi-apartment residential microgrid with electrical and thermal storage devices: Experimental analysis and simulation of energy management strategies G. Comodi, A. Giantomassi, M. Severini, S. Squartini, F. Ferracuti, A. Fonti, D. Nardi Cesarini, M. Morodo, F. Polonara
Enhancement of Savonius wind rotor aerodynamic performance: a computational study of new blade shapes and curtain systems Mariano Tartuferi, Valerio D'Alessandro, Sergio Montelpare, Renato Ricci
A Changeover Time Reduction through an integration of lean practices: a case study from pharmaceutical sector M. Bevilacqua, F.E. Ciarapica, I. De Sanctis, G. Mazzuto and C. Paciarotti
Design for sustainability of product-service systems Margherita Peruzzini, Michele Germani
An experimental and numerical analysis of natural convection in an air filled square cavity with an insulated baffle
Thermochemical model and experimental validation of a tubular SOFC cell comprised in a 1 kWel stack designed for μCHP applications Carlos Boigues-Muñoz, Giulio Santori, Stephen McPhail, Fabio Polonara
Design, manufacture, and test of a prototype for a parabolic trough collector for industrial process heat Gianluca Coccia, Giovanni Di Nicola, Marco Sotte
A Framework to Support 3D Explicit Modeling Education and Practice Harald E. Otto, Ferruccio Mandorli
Microstructure and Intermetallic Strengthening in an Equal Channel Angular Pressed AA2219. Part I: Microstructure Characterization Eleonora Santecchia, Paolo Mengucci, Marcello Cabibbo
Lezioni di matematica
A discrete-continuous approach to describe CaCO3 decarbonation in non-steady thermal conditions Edoardo Copertaro, Paolo Chiariotti, Alvaro A. Estupinan Donoso, Nicola Paone, Bernhard Peters, Gian Marco Revel
Assessing the impact of micro-generation technologies on local sustainability Caterina Brandoni, Alessia Arteconi, Giovanni Ciriachi, Fabio Polonara
Analysis of Kinematics and Reconfigurability of a Spherical Parallel Manipulator Luca Carbonari, Massimo Callegari, Giacomo Palmieri, and Matteo-Claudio Palpacelli
Surface tension of alcohols: A scaled equation and an artificial neural network Giovanni Di Nicola, Mariano Pierantozzi
Environmental analysis of a cotton yarn supply chain Maurizio Bevilacqua, Filippo Emanuele Ciarapica, Giovanni Mazzuto, Claudia Paciarotti
Exploiting continuous scanning laser Doppler vibrometry (CSLDV) in time domain correlation methods for noise source identification Paolo Chiariotti, Milena Martarelli, Gian Marco Revel
Flow curve modelling of a ZM21 magnesium alloy and finite element simulation in hot deformation Carlo Bruni, Mohamad El Mehtedi, Filippo Gabrielli
Simulation of hybrid renewable microgeneration systems for variable electricity prices C. Brandoni, M. Renzi, F. Caresana, F. Polonara
Robotic friction stir welding of AA5754 aluminum alloy sheets at different initial temper states M. Callegari, A. Forcellese, M. Palpacelli, M. Simoncini
Higher body anatomical distribution of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation on farm workers
An innovative wind – solar hybrid street light: development and early testing of a prototype R. Ricci, D. Vitali, S. Montelpare
Optimization of spatial light distribution through genetic algorithms for vision systems applied to quality control P. Castellini, S. Cecchini, L. Stroppa, N. Paone
Simplified model for inverse dynamics control of the Cartesian parallel manipulator I.Ca.Ro. L. Carbonari, M. Callegari, G. Palmieri, M.-C. Palpacelli
Assessing sustainability and supporting compliance to standards in continuous industrial processes M. Peruzzini, A. Luzi, E. Marilungo
Virtual prototyping in the design process of optimized mould gating system for high pressure die casting Roberto Raffaeli, Claudio Favi, Ferruccio Mandorli
Economic and environmental analysis of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) facility for oil recovery from Canadian oil sands Giancarlo Giacchetta, Mariella Leporini, Barbara Marchetti