Research centers and services

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences adheres to the following University Research and Service Centers:

  • Research Center and Service for the Protection of Health and Safety in Workplaces (C.I.S.S.A.L.) - c/o DIISM
  • Center for Advanced Research on Measurements for Engineering and Life Optimization (C.A.R.M.E.L.O.) - c/o DIISM
  • Research Center and Service Wind Energy Studies and Testing laboratory (WEST-lab) - c/o DIISM
  • Nanostructure Research and Microscopy Service Center (C.I.S.Mi.N) - c/o SIMAU
  • Research and Engineering Service Center of the Motor System (C.I.A.M.) - c/o DII
  • Research and Service Center on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C.I.I.) - c/o DII
  • SMArt Living Lab Research and Service Center (SMALL) - c/o DII