Elenco lavori scientifici della settimana

Titolo Autori
High-order discontinuous Galerkin RANS solutions of the incompressible flow over a delta wing Andrea Crivellini, Valerio D’Alessandro, Francesco Bassi
Vector bundles on Fano threefolds of genus 7 and Brill–Noether loci Maria Chiara Brambilla, Daniele Faenzi
Natural Convection in Square Cavities with Three Active Source Configurations G. Nardini, M. Paroncini, R. Vitali
LNG as vehicle fuel and the problem of supply: The Italian case study A. Arteconi, F. Polonara
Empirical approach for real-time estimation of air flow rates in a subway station C. Di Perna, A. Carbonari, R. Ansuini, M. Casals
Effect of Heat Transfer on Natural Convection in a Square Cavity With Two Source Pairs Giorgia Nardini, Massimo Paroncini, Francesco Corvaro
PVTx measurements of the carbon dioxide + trans-1, 3,3,3-tetrafluoroprop-1-ene binary system G. Di Nicola, G. Passerini, F. Polonara, R. Stryjek
LNG as vehicle fuel and the problem of supply: The Italian case study A. Arteconi, F. Polonara
Bifurcation diagrams for singularly perturbed system: the multi-dimensional case M. Franca
A Continuation Result for Forced Oscillations of Constrained Motion Problems with Infinite Delay P. Benevieri, A. Calamai, M. Furi, M.P. Pera
Assessment of a high-order discontinuous Galerkin method for incompressible three-dimensional Navier–Stokes equations: Benchmark results for the flow past a sphere up to Re=500 Andrea Crivellini, Valerio D’Alessandro, Francesco Bassi
Experimental measurements and numerical model for the summer performance assessment of extensive green roofs in a Mediterranean coastal climate F. Olivieri, C. Di Perna, M. D'Orazio, L. Olivieri, J. Neila
Global continuation of periodic solutions for retarded functional differential equations on manifolds Pierluigi Benevieri, Alessandro Calamai, Massimo Furi, Maria Patrizia Pera
CAD tools for designing shoe lasts for people with diabetes José Antonio Bernabéu, Michele Germani, Marco Mandolini, Maura Mengoni, Chris Nester, Steve Preece, Roberto Raffaeli
Negative Knowledge and a Novel Approach to Support MCAD Education Ferruccio Mandorli, Harald E. Otto
Mel’nikov Methods and Homoclinic Orbits in Discontinuous Systems Alessandro Calamai, Matteo Franca
High-order discontinuous Galerkin solutions of three-dimensional incompressible RANS equations Andrea Crivellini, Valerio D’Alessandro, Francesco Bassi
Saturated pressure measurements of 3,3,3-trifluoroprop-1-ene (R1243zf) for reduced temperatures ranging from 0.62 to 0.98 J. Steven Brown, Giovanni Di Nicola, Laura Fedele, Sergio Bobbo, Claudio Zilio
Saddle solutions for bistable symmetric semilinear elliptic equations Francesca Alessio, Piero Montecchiari
Fast-slow dynamical approximation of forced impact systems near periodic solutions Flaviano Battelli, Michal Fečkan
On general properties of retarded functional differential equations on manifolds Pierluigi Benevieri, Alessandro Calamai, Massimo Furi, Maria Patrizia Pera
Domestic demand-side management (DSM): Role of heat pumps and thermal energy storage (TES) systems A. Arteconi, N.J. Hewitt, F. Polonara
Optimization and testing on an adsorption dishwasher G. Santoria, A. Frazzica, A. Freni, M. Galieni, L. Bonaccorsi, F. Polonara, G. Restuccia
A survey of cogeneration in the Italian pulp and paper sector G. Comodi, L. Cioccolanti, L. Pelagalli, M. Renzi, S. Vagni, F. Caresana
The role of municipal energy planning in the regional energy-planning process Caterina Brandoni, Fabio Polonara
On the dimensions of secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties Hirotachi Abo, Maria Chiara Brambilla
Local authorities in the context of energy and climate policy Gabriele Comodi, Luca Cioccolanti, Fabio Polonara, Caterina Brandoni
A Spalart–Allmaras turbulence model implementation in a discontinuous Galerkin solver for incompressible flows Andrea Crivellini, Valerio D’Alessandro, Francesco Bassi
Positive solutions of semilinear elliptic equations: A dynamical approach Matteo Franca
Improving the link between computer-assisted design and configuration tools for the design of mechanical products Roberto Raffaelia, Maura Mengoni, Michele Germani
Surface tension prediction for refrigerant binary systems Giovanni Di Nicola, Mariano Pierantozzi
An approach to assessing virtual environments for synchronous and remote collaborative design Michele Germani, Maura Mengoni, Margherita Peruzzini
Layered solutions with multiple asymptotes for non autonomous Allen–Cahn equations in ℝ³ Francesca Alessio, Piero Montecchiari
Study of a Fully Compliant U-Joint Designed for Minirobotics Applications G. Palmieri, M. C. Palpacelli, M. Callegari
Microstructure strengthening mechanisms in different equal channel angular pressed aluminum alloys Marcello Cabibbo
Advanced ultrasonic non-destructive testing for damage detection on thick and curved composite elements for constructions Gian Marco Revel, Giuseppe Pandarese, Alfonso Cavuto
Green roof yearly performance: A case study in a highly insulated building under temperate climate M. D’Orazio, C. Di Perna, E. Di Giuseppe
Quantification of the effect of early microstructural degradation during creep of 9Cr–1Mo–NbV steels at 600 ºC S. Spigarelli
Heat transfer experiment on natural convection in a square cavity with discrete sources G. Nardini, M. Paroncini
Laser sheet scattered light method for industrial measurement of thickness residual stress distribution in flat tempered glass P. Castellini, L. Stroppa, N. Paone